Mutindi is in Grade 4 at Ivoleni Primary School. When Mutindi was very little, her single mother passed on leaving her five girls in the care of their elderly grandmother. She has done her best with the girls but struggles to keep food on the table much less pay school fees for them. Mutindi helps at home by sweeping the compound and washing dishes. She enjoying her studies and is an average student in school though she has struggled some. Mutindi’s favorite pastimes include skipping rope and playing house with her sisters.

By walking with Mutindi, you will give her the chance to overcome her current challenges, finish her education and live up to the full potential God has placed in her.

Mutindi Mwende-2


Mutindi is from the Eastern province of Kenya. The community struggles with food and water because the rainfalls are few and they depend on rain fed agriculture. Typical houses are constructed with bricks and mud. The most commonly spoken language is Kikamba.

The regional diet normally consists of corn and beans. Your sponsorship will help this child continue going to school, provide some of his basic needs, and will give the child an opportunity to receive Bible teachings and emotional support.

Your sponsorship of $40 a month will give Mutindi a life full of hope.

Thank you for your interest in Mutindi’s life. May God bless you and remember you in all the work of your hands. With your prayers and support, you have an opportunity to change Mutindi’s life and when you change one child’s life, you change an entire generation!

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