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As Bishop Mulandi travelled across Kenya preaching the gospel, he often came across children who were not in school. Upon following up, he often found they were left orphaned by HIV/AIDS and there was no one who could pay the small fee for them to attend school.

This brought about a burden to help them. Bishop talked with some friends in the USA and Canada and found them willing to walk with one child. He decided to open the program to others and Operation Hope was born. Since then, many orphaned children have found hope and a future through this program and many more are on the journey.

Each child attends a yearly, five day bible camp where they receive teaching, counseling and connection with other vulnerable children..
We visit each child in school three times per year, pay their school fees, check their progress and buy uniforms for primary school students…
We host guardians to train them in family matters and empower them to raise the children in their care on a daily basis…
Each child receives a valuable Christmas gift at the end of the year such as bedding’s, solar lamp, towel, clothing, textbooks and food supplies to share with the family..



Sponsor a needy child today, and help make a difference in our communities..


The year 2020 came with many impromptu adjustments due to the corona virus pandemic. Schools closed and our children were forced to stay home. Our team was able to visit each child before the closure of schools; giving the uniforms and paying up term one school fees. Recently they also got to visit them individually in their homes, bringing them food stuffs, home revision books and other necessities. Thank you for supporting the vulnerable and needy children in Kenya.


As the United States, Canada and the world continue to battle to come out on top of covid 19 or the coronavirus, we understand you may have some questions concerning your sponsored child’s welfare and safety during this time. We hope this update gives you a good look at the measures taken to protect your child and give you ideas on how you can support him or her during this time. Through the coronavirus as always, we hope to maintain the connection between our hardworking and generous sponsors and the future generations of Kenya.

The Kenyan Government has taken extensive measures to prevent the spread of covid-19. They began by closing all public institutions including schools. Social distancing measures have been put in place and a 7pm-5am curfew has been established. They have also made it mandatory to wear a mask when in public and are currently working to increase testing accessibility around the nation.

While Operation Hope has had to cancel our normal April camp and suspend all school visits for the time being, our field officer is still in contact with the Contact people on the ground along with several children and their guardians. One little boy even had his dad to call us to make sure his sponsor is OK!

Fortunately, most of our children are far from the capital Nairobi where most coronavirus cases have been confirmed. They live several hours away and the risk of being exposed is minimal especially with the social distancing measures in place.

We are also grateful for the abundant rain Kenya got last year. Most families enjoyed a great harvest and now have more than enough corn and cereals such as beans to get them through this time. However, for special cases where there was a lack, we have worked with guardians and contact people to assure the children are well taken care of.

As a sponsor, you can also play a big role in supporting your child during this time. The first way we encourage you to do this is through prayer. Pray for the spread of the virus to be stopped in Kenya and around the world. Pray for the hearts of the children to be at peace during this time as they hear of this disease from the community around them. Pray also for God to protect our staff, contact people, guardians and your fellow sponsors through this time. Secondly, continue supporting your child as much and as timely as possible and finally, why not take this time to write a letter to your sponsored child? They may not receive it for a few more months but they always love to hear from you!

We hope we have answered any questions and put fears to rest but as always, please feel free to contact us with any additional concerns! Your generous support keeps us going in the fight to change the future generations of Kenya!


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